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  1. roshambo123
    I might have done that many years ago at a friend's house.
    Jan 2, 2023
  2. Merrick
    Yeah, tone is spectacular. Obviously the Vali 2(+ in my case) couldn’t resolve all the details Gungnir was capable of depicting, but aside from the silliness of the tiny amp on top of the giant DAC it was great.
    Jan 2, 2023
  3. luckybaer
    @roshambo123 Haha… yeah, I tend not to turn over gear too much these days.
    Jan 2, 2023
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  4. luckybaer
    @Merrick It was pretty good, but I found the bass a little too uncontrolled relative to Gungnir to my Quicksilver. Not a fair fight, but interesting difference.
    Jan 2, 2023
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  5. caute
    Not exactly the same thing, but Gungnir > Piety is really quite good.
    Jan 2, 2023
  6. Mdkaler
    I did that to a Magni 3+, was surprised how capable the little Magni is.
    Jan 2, 2023