Mar 19, 2018
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Friend, from Missouri


Led Zeppelin III -> DCD-1600NE -> Gungnir MB - > Vali 2 -> Elex... all while watching Magnum P.I. on Amazon Prime. Jul 14, 2019 at 6:00 PM

    1. luckybaer
      Led Zeppelin III -> DCD-1600NE -> Gungnir MB - > Vali 2 -> Elex... all while watching Magnum P.I. on Amazon Prime.
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      2. DigMe
        I heard if you start it at the lion roar it matches up perfectly.
        Jul 14, 2019 at 7:09 PM
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    2. luckybaer
      PC -> USB -> Gungnir Multibit -> Vali 2 -> Elex... pretty good.
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    3. luckybaer
      Back from business trip. Need food...
      1. Kunlun
        Don't forget to have a bowel movement!
        May 29, 2019
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      2. luckybaer
        Bran Buds kept me regular - even on the trip!
        May 31, 2019
    4. luckybaer
      Power washer and foam cannon make washing a car pretty easy.
      1. zerodeefex
        For swirl marks yes. Otherwise ONR is King.
        May 24, 2019
      2. luckybaer
        No swirl marks. Use 25 degree or 40 degree nozzle and stay about 12" from surface.
        May 25, 2019
    5. luckybaer
      Listening to DSD on my SACD player while watching (Braves vs. Brewers) and NBCSN (Blues vs. Sharks).
    6. luckybaer
      Is it me, or does Dun & Bradstreet seem like a scam?
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      2. Scott Kramer
        Scott Kramer
        Apr 18, 2019
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      3. fraggler
        All I know is that you have to have a DUNS number to register for the SAM portal that allows your business to get government contracts. You don't have to use any of their other services.
        Apr 18, 2019
    7. luckybaer
      Never really noticed much "break-in" change in a cart until my Soundsmith Otello. I've got 100+ hours on it now, and noticed a fuller sound
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    8. luckybaer
      Nothing like shoveling snow in freezing weather, coming back in the house, and warming my hands on good ol' Freya.
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    9. luckybaer
      "Tornado Of Souls" may or may not be my favorite Megadeth song, but it is definitely up there...
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      2. lm4der
        Such an epic solo in that song!
        Mar 3, 2019
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    10. luckybaer
      Fitbit or Fitbit-like device for heart rate monitoring during exercise? My advice is to get something like a Polar monitor instead.
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      2. YMO
        Reading this makes me wish Pebble didn't got purchased by Fitbit.
        Mar 1, 2019
      3. luckybaer
        Fitbit is good for tracking steps, distance, flights of stairs, Sleeping, and general idea of heart rate.
        Mar 1, 2019
      4. luckybaer
        Fitbit shortchanges on strenuous exercise. Constantly under-tracks heart rate, and, as a result, caloric burn.
        Mar 1, 2019
    11. luckybaer
      Since purchasing and using Okki Nokki, ONZOW ZeroDust captures much, MUCH less crap from my stylus. Money well spent on the RCM.
    12. luckybaer
      I knew I'd get some interesting feedback if I asked for car advice here... :-)
      1. Jinxy245
        Feb 15, 2019
    13. luckybaer
      I'm still searching for a beer that goes as well with Bourbon as Budweiser.
      1. dark_energy
        Tennents Whiskey Oak maybe..
        Feb 11, 2019
      2. E_Schaaf
        Definitely darker stouts... Not Guiness stout.
        Feb 11, 2019
    14. luckybaer
      Thrown properly, Freya's remote is a serious weapon...
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    15. luckybaer
      I'm needle dropping to DSD and copying the files to DVD. I'm so lazy, I'd pop a DVD into the player rather than get out vinyl. Haha
      1. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        Too much hard work... Too much time waiting for drawers to open and close...

        Just click on a file name.

        (Damn, computers really /really/ have made me lazy!)
        Feb 10, 2019
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    16. luckybaer
      The only thing I didn't like about Gungnir Multibit was the clicking when I paused my CDP. New player... no clicking on pause! Hooray!!
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    17. luckybaer
      Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Pig. Awesome!
    18. luckybaer
      DORK OUT ALERT: I'm needle dropping: DSD, 24/96 FLAC, 16/44.1 WAV. Will I notice a difference? Using new CD/SACD player for playback.
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      3. Serious
        Did a quick 3 minute blind test again... the difference between 24 and 20 bit is definitely there, even with the "19 bit" Gungnir Multibit.
        I got the first wrong so after that I simply reversed what I would've clicked otherwise. I also got the 2nd wrong and got the 6 after that right. I stopped after the 8th trial.
        Edit: Posted the wrong pic
        Feb 2, 2019
      4. Serious
        Lost the pic, but I got an 8/9 now with the HD800.

        Especially in terms of soundstage size, but also microdynamics and timbre there are big differences.
        Feb 2, 2019
      5. luckybaer
        Hard to tell the difference between DSD and 24/96 FLAC, but a little easier to tell the difference between the hi-res files and 16/44.1. Space btwn instruments, timbre, decay, attack... all a little better.
        Feb 2, 2019
    19. luckybaer
      Lots of good music being dialed up - if "What Are You Listening To Now" thread is any indication!
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    20. luckybaer
      I'm listening to SACD audio for the first time.
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      2. dubharmonic
        Any impressions?
        Jan 31, 2019
      3. luckybaer
        I've only spent time with "Box Of Rain" off the Dead's AMERICAN BEAUTY classic. Sound is fuller, more separation, micro & macro detail improves, the way notes hit and fade... I like it.
        Jan 31, 2019
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    Gear List:
    DAC: Schiit Gungnir MB Gen 5
    Head Amp: AURALiC Taurus MkII, Vali 2 [assorted tubes]
    Headphones: Elex, HD650, DT880, D2000, K601, TX-X00, HE-4XX, SR-80e, M220
    CD/SACD/Data Disc Hi-Res: Denon DCD-1600NE
    Cassette: Nakamichi DR-2
    Pre-Amp: Schiit Freya [Tung-Sol]
    Integrated Amp: Onkyo TX-8555
    Turntable: Technics SL-1210GR
    Cartridges: Ortofon 2M Red, Shure V15 Type III [JICO VN35HE], Audio-Technica VM750SH, Soundsmith Otello
    Miscellaneous: PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter
    Speakers: Polk Audio RT25i


    TT: SL-1210GR | DAC: Gungnir MB | CD/SACD: DCD-1600NE | Tape: DR-2
    Phonostage: NPC | Pre-Amp: Freya | Amp: TX-8555, Taurus MkII | Speakers: RT25i | HP: HD650, Elex