Fuji XT2 XT20 questions and advice?

Discussion in 'Photography and Cameras' started by purr1n, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Regarding focusing while you're in the EVF, on the X-T20 you can use the directional pad on the back to change focus points similar to the joystick on the X-T3/X-T2. It's set as one of the functions (mine was set to down, but don't remember if that was default).

    There's also the manual focus trick of setting it to monochrome and using bright red focus peaking. I find this much easier than doing the split screen mode.
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    @Syzygy Thanks for the feedback as well. I'm not in any particular rush so I will hold out until the new model is released. I have a few shops I plan to visit to see what these feel like in hand. I currently use Lightroom and have been happy with it. That's something I have to consider as well.
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    The thing about the directional pads for selecting focus points on the T20 is that they also serve as menu navigation buttons. It's somewhat awkward having to push the down button to activate the focus point selection, and then press the middle button to get out of that mode. When out of that mode, the left button I have configured to select film mode. Sometimes I get confused and it all goes to shit.

    What I liked about the Nikon is that the focus select was more or less dedicated to that with a swivel to lock the position. On the T20, I just gave up and put the darn focus point in the center and locked it there in the menu, and used the ol' press shutter halfway down lock method a la Nikon F100 film camera.

    The T2 is better in than T20 is that there is a nipple / joystick for the focus point selection. I might sell the T20 for this reason and pick up a T2 since it's cheap enough. The T3 has slightly better AF and auto face-eye focus, but I can't get myself to use the auto mode. It's always shutter halfway down for AF lock on the eye and recompose, like what I did for the cat picture above. Old habits die hard. It also might be because I had a shit experience with "auto" stuff where the computer picks the points (takes 3 seconds) with the Nikon D300 (screw you Nikon for making shit that don't work except on your TOTL stuff).

    Generally, I've never found an issue with T20 AF. I mean, it all seems to kinda suck compared to D2X or F100 (which I think might have been better than D2X). I swear, Nikon gimps the AF on purpose and reserves the good AF that meets or excels their 20 year old film cameras for their TOTL stuff. Also, I thought the noise was more splotchy and with more chroma noise on the T3. I'm a cheap bastard so will probably get the T2 instead of T3.

    Great deal now on the 56 f/1.2 which is great for portraits. But not as awesome as a Nikon 85mm f1.4 or 1.8 on a FF.
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