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  1. tommytakis
    Hell yeah! Congrats man, you got this!
    Aug 3, 2021
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  2. Lyander
    Been ages! I hope that the time you will have spent wasn't nearly as stressful towards the end as it was in the beginning, but glad to hear you're nearly done with it. All the best!
    Aug 3, 2021
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  3. YMO
    Move into @tommytakis's house and make a Youtube series.
    Aug 3, 2021
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  4. Jinxy245
    Congrats Jupiter!
    Aug 3, 2021
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  5. Armaegis
    Not knowing the context... I'm guessing divorce?
    edit: oh wait just saw his status from last year, d'oh
    Aug 3, 2021
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  6. ext1
    Hell yeah! Can’t wait to finally rest and test out all my ideas!!!! (Like HD725)
    Aug 4, 2021
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  7. Jinxy245
    Is that a 700 series mod? Very interesting...
    Aug 4, 2021
  8. ext1
    It’s like a 650 mod using 800 drivers, so (650+800)/2, the average of the two.
    Aug 5, 2021
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