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  1. Lyander
    Mar 11, 2021
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  2. m17xr2b
    Take a multimeter and measure the pot, for each channel you'll have three pins. Not sure about the config but between two of them you'll have the same high value regardless of position 100K maybe.
    Then between the first and the other pin it should vary according to volume position, if at min it's not 0 then you have a problem. Compare with other channel. If it's a balanced pot you have 4 channels.
    Mar 11, 2021
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  3. DigMe
    This couldn’t possibly go poorly!
    Mar 11, 2021
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  4. Lyander
    Thanks @m17xr2b! Will be doing that when I get some free time to take the thing apart. Not been able to confirm what the actual issue is yet but this is handy.

    And definitely so, @DigMe. Not tryna jinx myself or anything silly like that.
    Mar 11, 2021
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