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  1. k4rstar
    not sure on your definition of 'protection' but I use transferwise, it's an excellent service. don't send money online to anyone you don't trust.
    Jan 26, 2022
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  2. ogodei
    Looks like they just renamed the service to 'Wise', looks interesting.
    Jan 26, 2022
  3. Thad E Ginathom
    Thad E Ginathom
    I use Wise (nee Transferwise) to send money from GB to India. They changed their name quite some time back.

    Yes, it is a good service. But it is aimed at financial transfer only, and I don't think there are any buyer/seller mechanisms or protections built in.
    Jan 26, 2022
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  4. philipmorgan
    Wise has worked well for me with international xfers both coming and going; I don't think they offer paypal-style buyer protection.
    Jan 26, 2022
  5. ductrung3993
    thank guys. I'm trying to sell something to the US buyer hence that's why i'm looking for mutual protection. I did have good experience with Wise though (unless Paypal who charge me $30 on a $300 transaction lately and is just douchey in general)
    Jan 26, 2022