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  1. Merrick
    If it gets much higher they might!
    Mar 14, 2022
  2. Lyander
    Ended up hoarding a bunch of fuel yesterday since prices were set to jump about 20% total.
    Mar 15, 2022
  3. Azimuth
    'Cause they don't drive large obnoxious pickup trucks and they probably have a better understanding of how gas prices work.
    Mar 15, 2022
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  4. yotacowboy
    Yeah, i thought cheap gas was a constitutional right despite it being traded on a global market?
    Mar 15, 2022
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  5. roshambo123
    People were probably planning to storm but couldn't afford gas to get there.
    Mar 15, 2022
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  6. purr1n
    They drive BMWs, Porsches, Range Rovers, and Ford Raptors in obnoxious ways instead of pickup trucks in safe ways. Realistically, people don't get mad here because of complacency induced by one party rule and distraction from stress of overall cost of living.
    Mar 16, 2022