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  1. GuySmiley'sMonkey
    What's mini C? Assume it's not Schiit as I couldn't see it in their range. Headphones? Edit: Sorry - ETA mini Closed. Better off looking for myself before asking.
    Oct 2, 2022
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  2. YMO
    In other words the kids are hogging that setup nowadays in the @purr1n house. Must handle drums well.
    Oct 3, 2022
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  3. rlow
    @purr1n hqve you compared Lyr+ to the Lyr 3? Really not clear if the + is worth the upgrade.
    Oct 3, 2022
  4. purr1n
    The sonic upgrade is incremental. The features and quality of life is better: better resistor relay pot (with no ratchety ratechety shit), great sounding solid state mode, remote, pre-out can be turned off, etc.
    Oct 3, 2022
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