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  1. Inoculator
    Rather than KISS, I would go for the custom cans mass mod as a starting point and see how you like the tweaks.
    Nov 8, 2022
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  2. yotacowboy
    I agree with this. to me the custom cans ring is *just enough* to warrant not dicking around with damping material, and can play nicely with pad tuning choices. It's subtle enough to allow some other options. more knobs to fiddle rather than fewer knobs with larger affects.
    Nov 8, 2022
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  3. zerodeefex
    JAR that fucker. No other option I've tried competes.
    Nov 8, 2022
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  4. Inoculator
    Gotta agree with @zerodeefex, does take it to the next level. Custom cans mod is great if you overall like the 600 as is but want to slightly refine it and have more flexibility to adjust bass level. JAR ends up being different ballpark
    Nov 8, 2022
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