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  1. ergopower
    OMG yes! I bought an Elex here, but was kinda iffy about it. Then I bought an original Torpedo here, and that pairing is just fantastic for me.
    Sep 4, 2023
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  2. Riotvan
    Yeah i get it, with the Clear the driver seems a bit nervous and neurotic to me. My amp experience is that i could never like it with the Lyr 3 and other amps were also meh or boring. Posted it for sale as well, bought a Phonitor X and for shits and giggles i thought i’d try it and holy shit i can’t stop listening to this combo. Think these like voltage swing and grip.
    Sep 4, 2023
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  3. roshambo123
    Yup agreed with this comment. Focals have an over eager character. @Riotvan what's the issue with Clear + Lyr 3? Seems like laidback is exactly what they need
    Sep 4, 2023
  4. Riotvan
    Think it was too much, made them boring. Never wanted to listen to music on that. Perhaps a lack of refinement. As @purr1n mentioned you want to work with the drivers not against them. Theoretical synergy is not the same as actual synergy until it’s verified. Theoretically it should’ve been great, those were my thoughts as well but no. And i did give it a good try.
    Sep 4, 2023
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  5. Qildail
    I know I'm an outlier on this, but my go-to for running Clear has been MJ1. Sounds completely counterintuitive, but it's that high energy synergy that audibly kicks my ass when I need it.
    Sep 4, 2023