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    The prices of these 6922-and-variant tubes *are* ridiculous indeed. Occasionally I have came across a couple good deals on eBay but only sometimes, out of those notable ones I've recently seen (and have heard with the Sonic Frontiers):

    • Green/blue label Philips JAN 6922 tubes for ~10USD a pop performs quite decent and tends to be NOS with box. Don't pay more than 15USD per piece though. I can be happy with just these.

    • Siemens E88CC - The ones with gold pins - They sound more expansive and a tad smoother than the Philips 6922 tubes. But I will shy from paying more than 30USD per piece. Look hard enough and be patient, will occasionally come up for ~20USD per piece, without box and slightly worn, which works just fine. Problem is the cheaper ones tend to appear on the Euro-zone eBay microsites and at times sellers don't ship to US (if that's where you are living).

    • Another decent and most importantly, cheap, tube to look out for are those made in West Germany/Holland 6DJ8 tubes, sometimes labeled as RCA. Typically made by Siemens, steel pins instead of gold. They take more effort to identify so not for everyone, but can be bought for ~15USD per piece.

    Forget about those Telefunkens/Amperexes/CCAs for 200~400USD for a matched pair......... Those are some seriously weird prices..... I'd gain more pleasure taking my family out for a good meal together.
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    Thank you so much for the info, I’ll definitely be on the look out for the ones you listed above. Yeah, I don’t like the idea of spending couple hundreds on a pair of tubes, when that money could be spent on other gear or like you said, treat the fam out for a nice meal.

    I like the sound so much I didn’t even bother opening up the insides to see which tube it has LOL I haven’t heard this type of synergy since I had the Yggdrasil A1 + ZDS + HD650, and at a lower price! Vintage DACs are awesome
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