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  1. cskippy
    Ouch that sucks. I'm sure @schiit can help you out.
    May 22, 2018
  2. zonto
    May 22, 2018
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  3. MellowVelo
    I don’t like that the analog outputs aren’t working, but I like how you’re finding humor in the situation.
    May 22, 2018
  4. EraserXIV
    Update: Troubleshooted for two hours, gave up and just went to work. When I came back the analog outputs were suddenly working (without me touching anything). I can confirm that Yggdrasil A2 burn in is real.
    May 22, 2018
  5. EraserXIV
    Those saying there are only subtle improvements with burn-in are BSing you. Percent improvement actually approaches infinity.
    May 22, 2018
  6. Lyander
    HAHA, okay, this made my day. Joshing around aside, though, how's the Yggy2?
    May 22, 2018
  7. BillOhio
    Had Yggdrasil A2 on last week and sound cut out. Switched to Gungnir Multibit and Gungnir Multibit had sound. Thought Yggdrasil A2 was broke but switching Yggdrasil A2 off and then back on got sound again.
    May 22, 2018
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  8. drgumbybrain
    Hahahaahhaahha Nice humor
    May 23, 2018
  9. zonto
    The fact that you and @BillOhio both had this happen is concerning.
    May 23, 2018
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  10. Merrick
    “It’s like, how much more black can this be? And the answer is: None. None more black.” -Nigel Tufnel
    May 29, 2018