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  1. Biodegraded
    Upside: phone smells good now.
    Jan 3, 2022
  2. purr1n
    Don't worry. Calabasas California figured out it by selling you thicker "reusable" plastic bags with even more plastic in them.
    Jan 3, 2022
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  3. Qildail
    I was about to say "I hope it was good beer, at least..."
    Jan 3, 2022
  4. crenca
    My woke city council did the same thing - collecting 5 cents on every paper bag as well so they can build climate change re-ducation camps (really, they say it's for "environmental education").
    Jan 3, 2022
  5. crenca
    Gives me another reason to do my major shopping in Texas 30 minutes south, burning gasoline to get there.
    Jan 3, 2022
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  6. Biodegraded
    Cutting down trees is frowned on here too so soon we won't be permitted to use paper either. I hardly ever re-use paper bags (beer & other liquids ruins them) but often re-use plastic ones.
    Jan 3, 2022
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  7. Biodegraded
    Also, this city clears the snow from bike paths before sidewalks - using machinery with internal combustion engines...
    Jan 3, 2022
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  8. yotacowboy
    That's why i prefer to drink all my grocery store bought beer in the store, while standing in the self checkout line.
    Jan 3, 2022
  9. dasman66
    I was either in North Jersey or NYC a few months ago and stopped at a Home Depot - they were charging $0.25 per plastic bag... at the self checkout, you actually had some sort of vending machine to get the bag. I said f'it and carried my purchase
    Jan 3, 2022
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  10. roughroad
    So, now you smell like a boozer?
    Jan 3, 2022
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  11. Riotvan
    Wow you already have one of those lickable taste screens on your phone?
    Jan 4, 2022
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