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  1. Riotvan
    Jul 8, 2022
  2. purr1n
    Never. However, one can accidentally sit on them.
    Jul 8, 2022
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  3. Azimuth
    Correct. Even if all hell goes wrong, the tube may get hot, but not explode. Vacuum tube…void of air.
    Jul 8, 2022
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  4. roshambo123
    Read on this and recall it is impossible. It's a vacuum, so there is no air or gaseous material inside to expand and burst the glass vessel. If anything it would have to implode but that would require a set of circumstances outside the tube that would not (or cannot) exist under ordinary conditions.
    Jul 8, 2022
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  5. roshambo123
    The biggest danger with tubes is you drop it and cut yourself on broken glass or breath in dust from heavy metals they use on the internals. I believe some older DHT's also could contain Thorium, which is radioactive.
    Jul 8, 2022
  6. Gazny
    only in price
    Jul 8, 2022
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  7. atomicbob
    I've never experienced a tube explode in over 60 yrs of using them. The only time they have catastrophic failure of the glass is when dropped, struck with a solid object such as a hammer, or thermally shocked like pouring ice water over a hot tube. As the wise men say, don't do that.
    Jul 8, 2022
  8. atomicbob
    First really big tubes I used were 811A triodes and 866 mercury vapor rectifiers for an amateur radio linear amplifier.
    Jul 8, 2022
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  9. penguins
    Maybe if you make a really big vacuum tube Christmas tree
    Jul 8, 2022
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  10. Qildail
    Only when you roll over them with a chair...
    Jul 8, 2022
  11. Wilson
    Sometimes, a tube is just a tube...
    Jul 9, 2022
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