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  1. loadexfa
    Tchoupitoulas has been super patient, generous, and kind. We now get to find out how much fun it is to get an insurance claim. XO
    Aug 10, 2022
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  2. Tchoupitoulas
    Thank you, you're too kind. If anything, your posts here speak to how great a member of this community you are.

    I'll gladly add my voice to the chorus of endorsements of you as a seller (in the Pavane FS thread). loadexfa has gone above and beyond to help out with this claim and has been a pleasure to correspond with. Thank you.
    Aug 10, 2022
  3. loadexfa
    Your kind words are appreciated. This community is great. <3
    Aug 10, 2022
  4. rhythmdevils
    @Tchoupitoulas is the best! Seriously, one of the highlights of this community.
    Aug 11, 2022
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