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  1. Armaegis
    I lost 10 lbs with this one trick. Like and subscribe to find out how!
    Mar 24, 2023
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  2. Jinxy245
    Shit there's only one liquid diet that I like (glad you're out of the hospital)
    Mar 24, 2023
  3. Pyruvate
    Just had to do a clear liquid diet for 24 hours. Was not fun at all.
    Mar 24, 2023
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  4. Thad E Ginathom
    Thad E Ginathom
    appy? appendix? Oh, nasty. Glad that it was caught and fixed. Surgery can be wonderful.

    How long did this liquid diet go on for? Was this post-op?
    Mar 25, 2023
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  5. Lyander
    Ahh that bites. Hope you're in a comfortable and able state sooner rather than later.
    Mar 25, 2023
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  6. fraggler
    Hmm. I had a ruptured appendix 2 years ago and I want to say they gave me normal food within the day. Then again the hospital literally shut down 6 months afterwards so maybe I am lucky to be alive. Take it slow on recovery. Good luck.
    Mar 25, 2023
  7. roughroad
    @Thad E Ginathom I was on clear liquids for about 2.5 days. And yes, it was post-op. WBC was 19 upon admit.
    Mar 25, 2023
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