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  1. ChaChaRealSmooth
    To be absolutely clear, I don't feel that their effort is only praise-worthy. There are some areas in the sound that is a step back and some annoyances. And there's the matter of value....
    Jan 17, 2024
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  2. yotacowboy
    I’ve said as much elsewhere, but to whom would 660S2 represent good, if not great, value for money? An especially difficult question at full msrp.
    Jan 17, 2024
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  3. E_Schaaf
    When adjusted for inflation the launch price of the 660S2 is less than launch price of the 650. Be sure to try the old pads on it!
    Jan 17, 2024
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  4. rlow
    IMO, not better than 650 or 600, so why does it even exist? Darker, slightly worse mids, slightly more bass extension, HD600.
    Jan 17, 2024
  5. ChaChaRealSmooth
    @E_Schaaf that's a good point on the worn pads. I'm trying that now
    Jan 17, 2024