HD800 (S) Ultimate Mod

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Are you satisfied with HD800 bass?

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  2. Its ok

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  4. Hell no, I want planar bass

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    It's completely understandable to be totally skeptical as the proof is in listening.

    But remember, I been at SBAF a long time and posted many headphone mods here in past.

    So I am posting here first, as always, and there is no visible butchery of the HD800 except for the Dekoni pads.
    I needed to assess long-term reliability of the mod, which is why there was no mention since the January measurements.

    I have successfully gained greater control in dynamic drivers in general.
    I am currently tuning the HD800 character, to strike a balance between agressive or more laid back, as I noted in one of my measurements (not posted).

    Currently,i is now close in character to a Susvara, which is my reference headphone choice which is what I want to tune it close to..

    I tried to post the REW file here, for anyone interested to go over, and is my proof measurement, but zip too large.
    I will upload the file elsewhere and link here tonight.

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