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  1. monacelli
    At least the Moderna one only needs to be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures, rather than -70 C like the Pfizer offering
    Nov 18, 2020
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  2. Cryptowolf
    How else will we know who to award a 2020 Golden Schlong (tm) to? /sarcasm
    Nov 18, 2020
  3. Tekker
    Developed with the numerical assistance of ASR members?
    Nov 18, 2020
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  4. jexby
    have these newly scientistified vaccine thangs been shown better than there bleach injection method?
    Nov 18, 2020
  5. YMO
    Pokemon Battle: 'Merica use Vaccine. It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!
    Nov 18, 2020
  6. atomicbob
    @Tekker - you owe me - I choked on some great wine suppressing the urge to spit on my computer due to a need to laugh out loud.
    Nov 18, 2020
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  7. Hammy
    What is the SINBAD number for each vaccine?
    Nov 19, 2020
  8. Thad E Ginathom
    Thad E Ginathom
    40. SINBAD number is a constant, right?
    Nov 19, 2020
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