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  1. hellwhynot
    sorry about that! =(
    Aug 13, 2021
  2. Biodegraded
    From dealing with the p*rn bots, I presume? How's the rest of your hand? ;)
    Aug 13, 2021
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  3. Tchoupitoulas
    I can link to pics from Emily to cheer you up, if needed (joking aside, I'm sorry the mods are having to deal with so much hassle)
    Aug 13, 2021
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  4. Cryptowolf
    Thank you for all that the mods do to keep this place chill.
    Aug 13, 2021
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  5. Riotvan
    One would expect you being able to ban multiple simultaneously with a name like yours... Thanks for the cleanup!
    Aug 14, 2021
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  6. DigMe
    I guess that’s why some like to use a hammer.
    Aug 14, 2021
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  7. Thad E Ginathom
    Thad E Ginathom
    @DigMe beat me to it by 16 minutes.
    Aug 14, 2021
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  8. Azimuth
    Do we need the "I am not a robot" button during account creation?
    Aug 14, 2021
  9. Thad E Ginathom
    Thad E Ginathom
    Free! Sexy, naked fire hydrants! Tick my boxes!
    Aug 14, 2021
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