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  1. Lyander
    NieR, DOS:2, BG3, Halo, GoW, 2077, Deus Ex: Human Rev, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture....
    Feb 29, 2024
  2. Ti_Leo
    I don't pay that much attention to music when I'm grinding, but I still feel the sadness hearing soundtracks from TLOU series
    Feb 29, 2024
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  3. Sqveak
    Good enough to be stuck in my head decades later. PS1 / N64 era was pure gold. The intro to Wind Waker is unforgettable. Deus Ex. Unreal. Quake. Yeah, it's good.
    Feb 29, 2024
  4. Walderstorn
    So many games have done a good job, sound-wise, for the the last two decades. I really find it important for imersion and overall enjoyment.
    Feb 29, 2024
  5. Cspirou
    8-bit is great and my all time favorite soundtrack is Mega Man 2.

    For more modern CD quality stuff, Grim Fandango is probably the only one I actually like. It’s a lot of big band music
    Feb 29, 2024
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  6. Cellist88
    Weeb… but you know you hear the super smash theme and you just can’t help but be taken back to the character selection screen. Also that Wii theme…just makes me want to browse them mini games
    Feb 29, 2024
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  7. jnak00
    Lots of great game music from the beginning of gaming. There are symphonies that play concerts of just Legend of Zelda songs. Great stuff.
    Feb 29, 2024
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  8. SoupRKnowva
    The Nier Automata soundtrack is incredible, but ill say the only gaming soundtrack ive ever listened to on its own with any regularity was the Doom 2016 one
    Feb 29, 2024
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  9. JK47
    The joy of Super Mario Bros theme, the bubbly carnival music of the water levels, the panic of the timer under 100, and the doom of the castle levels... EPIC!!!
    Feb 29, 2024
  10. HotRatSalad
    I love all the dark soul games music, bloodborne, sekiro etc
    Feb 29, 2024
  11. gepardcv
    Soundtracks are IMNSHO the place to find solid modern "classical" music. Examples include all NieR soundtracks (Okabe Keiichi), Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim (Jeremy Soule), the Dragon Age series soundtracks, the Witcher series soundtracks.
    Feb 29, 2024
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  12. gepardcv
    Outside the "classical" space, all Deus Ex games have strong soundtracks, as does the Mirror's Edge series. EVE Online has memorable tracks. Frozen Synapse. I'm probably forgetting many more.
    Feb 29, 2024
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  13. Cspirou
    @Sqveak - One of the major selling points of Quake was the NiN soundtrack
    Feb 29, 2024
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  14. jag42
    I always suggest Octopath Traveler music to gamers familiar with old Japanese RPGs.
    Feb 29, 2024
  15. RestoredSparda
    Thanks for reminding me to buy FF7 Rebirth, in a roundabout way! Lol
    Feb 29, 2024
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  16. Wilewarer
    A lot of the reason I like videogames is because many of them put real effort into the soundtrack. I got sucked into Final Fantasy MMO land because I went to a Distant Worlds concert and liked the music that much. The soundtrack quality still hasn't slipped, years later.
    Feb 29, 2024
  17. joch
    Super Mario tunes looping in my head
    Feb 29, 2024