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  1. dubharmonic
    The Limbo soundtrack is my all time favorite game soundtrack.
    May 2, 2020
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  2. Lyander
    Elder Scrolls games are nice. NieR Automata is hyped to hell but I love the music, as well as the OST for RepliCant/Gestalt. Been listening to FF7 because nostalgia kicked up by the remake. Ori and the Blind Forest is enjoyable to listen to, same with Night in the Woods.
    May 2, 2020
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  3. Biodegraded
  4. TheIceman93
    The Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack. The one Vangelis did for the original is great as well.
    May 2, 2020
  5. EagleWings
    Thanks guys
    May 2, 2020
  6. m17xr2b
    May 2, 2020
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  7. fraggler
    Life of Pi, Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Blade Runner, and Tron Legacy for movies. Ghost in the Shell SAC and Cowboy Bebop for series. Orchestral Zelda and Mass Effect for video games.
    May 2, 2020
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  8. zachchen1996
    The soundtrack for Drive is amazing.
    May 2, 2020
  9. DigMe
    Fifth Element, Ad Astra, Black Hawk Down, Arrival, Sicario, Uncut Gems
    May 2, 2020
  10. JK47
    May 2, 2020
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  11. SoupRKnowva
    Doom 2016 and Blade Runner 2049 are my recs
    May 2, 2020
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  12. Deep Funk
    Deep Funk
    Ghost in the Shell & Cowboy Bebop
    May 3, 2020
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  13. Cspirou
    Grim Fandango
    Jun 8, 2020
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