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  1. roughroad
    Have you turned anarchist as well?
    Apr 2, 2024
  2. ChaChaRealSmooth
    Nah, this is just the unfiltered musings of a madman who spent a lot on audio. Walked into a deal I couldn't resist
    Apr 2, 2024
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  3. Mithrandir41
    you mean you're becoming a hermit that scrutinizes music and never leaves the house?
    Apr 2, 2024
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  4. JK47
    Before you go outside watch "Clan of the Cave Bear" or "The Quest for Fire"
    Apr 2, 2024
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  5. ChaChaRealSmooth
    If I'm not careful yes
    Apr 2, 2024
  6. crenca
    I tried to watch Quest the other night on Netflix (I think it was). Whatever "master" they had was trash - it was like a VHS recording of a 480...I want an ORFAS copy of Quest, it's a classic!
    Apr 2, 2024
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  7. wbass
    What did you get?
    Apr 3, 2024
  8. joch
    Don’t wait till you’re old or rich to enjoy what you love. Share the love too, and enjoy other things in life.
    Apr 3, 2024
  9. YMO
    Being AZN is halfway the ORFAS path per @penguins. No trim for you for awhile.
    Apr 3, 2024
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  10. Ksaurav402
    Enjoy this phase of life….don’t fret over it
    Apr 3, 2024
  11. roshambo123
    I had a friend who was a level expert gun collector. He once mused, "I would dream of Uzi's." My advice is don't be consumed by any one thing. Anything you worship usually annihilates you.
    Apr 3, 2024
  12. ChaChaRealSmooth
    @wbass I will be posting about it at some point when I can convince myself to actually review it instead of just enjoying myself
    Apr 3, 2024
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