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Friend, Male, from Denver


Named after the worst shipping company? Jul 18, 2024 at 9:14 AM

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Viewing latest content, Jul 21, 2024 at 9:01 PM
    1. scblock
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      3. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom

        I expected more than "You can change the colour."

        From pioneering vacuum-cleaner technology, I think Dyson's gone a bit potty. Maybe the bladeless fans were ok, albeit it expensive, but ridiculous-price hair driers, a masky-headphone thing that everyone thought was a joke --- to this?

        Hey, maybe it sounds good...
        Jul 18, 2024 at 2:24 PM
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      4. bixby
        Seems appropriately named. They could have done something very simple and retro like the bright yellow foam pads of the great (at the time) Senn HD-414.
        Jul 18, 2024 at 3:49 PM
      5. joch
        Why can't Dyson put the noise cancellation technology on their vacuum-cleaners or hair-dryer?
        Jul 18, 2024 at 10:47 PM
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    2. scblock
      Always a bit sad when you have to retire a tube.
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      2. Lyander
        I've never run a lot of tube gear so I don't have that many dead ones but I'm a sentimental sort so just keep them in a little alcove.
        Jul 7, 2024
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      3. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        I didn't know they used tires! Another reason for me to stick to ss!


        Pure prejudice. But us oldies remember when everything used tubes. And some of them seemed to last less time than light bulbs of the era. Decades later, I coudln't shake off the prejudice.

        Jul 7, 2024
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    3. scblock
      Lyr 3 with LISST is perfectly alright but maybe too polite.
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      2. Armaegis
        I used this config for a while as a foot warmer in my office during the winter.
        Jan 29, 2024
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    4. scblock
      Nectar Ambrosia is surprisingly good straight out of a portable MD player from 2002.
    5. scblock
      Pulled a few things out of the desk setup. Down to a Lyr 3 with LISST as pre- and HP amp. USB from PC and RCA from monitor. A little simpler
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    6. scblock
      The Algorithm recommended Moon Hooch to me, though I'm not sure why. Haven't heard this much saxophone in 20 years.
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    7. scblock
      Recording recent digital purchases to minidisc so I have a physical copy I can grab and play. No real reason.
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      3. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        minidisc was wonderful. Recordings without tape hiss!
        Nov 1, 2023
      4. atomicbob
        Minidisc historically used a lossy compression scheme called ATRAC similar to mp3 but did not attempt to reduce more than 5:1 whereas default mp3 compression was 11:1. It sounded much better than mp3 at that time.
        Nov 3, 2023
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      5. scblock
        My recorder is "Type R" which I believe is the last ATRAC encoder improvement (the later Type S was an ATRAC3 decoder improvement IIRC). I can tell it isn't perfect but it's extremely good. Using MD as it was intended (a replacement for compact cassette), the quality is astounding.
        Nov 3, 2023
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    8. scblock
      Roon has to go. Can't leave it running without it consuming all my ram after a day or so. What a pain.
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      3. Vansen
        Roon clients only go on my iOS devices, not letting it on other PCs. I still want to ditch Roon though for all the reasons you mentioned, but it’s been 100% reliable for me while sounding good so far.
        Oct 27, 2023
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      4. Riotvan
        I ran roon on my Fedora desktop 12c/24t/32gb and one update it was fine and then the other one it was fucked again. Don't get wrong i didn't have performance or usability problems except for the one time where i could only play one album before the memory leak got too bad. Roon remote on my ipad was funky sometimes as well.
        Oct 27, 2023
        Vansen likes this.
      5. Riotvan
        Now i just use tidal connect most of the times, my pc is connected to my stereo as well with aes so i can just play files from there. Volumio was a bit shit in the past for network playback so i haven't looked back since, it's fine for roon endpoints and tidal though since i don't have to touch that horrible interface.
        Oct 27, 2023
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    9. scblock
      Javelin LP arrived today. Hard to fathom what Sufjan's been through this year.
      1. Vansen
        Thanks for the reminder - I keep forgetting it’s out. I read a prerelease review of the album and it made me very grateful while incredibly sad at the same time.
        Oct 14, 2023
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      2. Vansen
        I can’t imagine loosing the closet person in my life and then having to go through a disease like that without my partner.
        Oct 14, 2023
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      3. DigMe
        I’ve been listening to Javelin but I was unaware of what he’s been through.
        Oct 15, 2023
    10. scblock
      I made a gimmick playlist that tells a short story with track titles. Not sure this will work as an actual mixtape though.
      1. Qildail, Thad E Ginathom and joch like this.
      2. DigMe
        Rick Astley already wrote the greatest musical short story ever told with one song. Hard to top.
        Sep 20, 2023
      3. Armaegis
    11. scblock
      Trying out Gjallarhorn as a desktop amp in place of the S.E.X. I've used for a couple years. More power, sure. Piety as a preamp for now.
      1. Qildail and Gazny like this.
      2. Qildail
        I've been having fun dropping things like Valhalla 2 and Mjolnir 2 in front of it with the ELACs on the desk. I tried Folkvangr for a bit too, but it kept tripping the protection on the speaker amp too often.
        Aug 21, 2023
    12. scblock
      Been playing. Replaced Roon on a Pi with Plexamp headless, and hooked up SW51+ and Modi MB. Nice combo with Grado SR225x.
      1. Cryptowolf and Gazny like this.
      2. bixby
        So what? Is the Roon solution trumped (I hate that word) by the new one?
        Aug 9, 2023
      3. scblock
        It's more that my Roon core keeps eating 8+ gigs of ram and I'm sick of how much it costs. Trying alternatives.
        Aug 9, 2023
      4. RestoredSparda
        I just bought an Intel NUC to install Roon Rock on. Hoping it's more trouble-free than running roon Core on my PC. Been having constant hangups and crashes the last few months after a year of no issues.
        Aug 10, 2023
    13. scblock
      Grado cable is damn near unlivable. I’m going to have to consider modding, maybe put in 3.5mm jacks.
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      2. ColdsnapBry
        I've got no way to prove this, all tinfoil hat. But there's something to the headphone cable being soldered to the voice coil that gives Grado their clarity. 3.5mm ruins that.
        Aug 3, 2023
      3. ColdsnapBry
        Then the cable, solid core non litz also gives their Grado sound. In short, Grado knows what they are doing actually.
        Aug 3, 2023
      4. bobboxbody
        If you did want to leave the grado wiring intact, you might be able to strip the sleeving/insulation and replace it with something lighter and more pliable, but it would be a huge pain and I imagine the solid core wire has a lot to do with the memory aspect.
        Aug 4, 2023
    14. scblock
      My only regret in purchasing the SR225x is not having purchased it years ago.
      1. Slade01 and Lyander like this.
      2. ColdsnapBry
        Seems like that x series is solid. I love my 80x. Shit SLAPS right off an iphone dongle. Makes all my Sennheisers sound super sleepy.
        Jul 25, 2023
        Slade01 likes this.
    15. scblock
      Been spoiled recently. New Yes, new Local Natives, new Sigur Ros
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    16. scblock
      Oh nice, new Sigur Rós album!
      1. Cryptowolf, DigMe, gixxerwimp and 4 others like this.
    17. scblock
      Four days camping in the desert, then riding my motorcycle into the heat of Phoenix. NW-A55 and ER4XR have performed well on this trip.
      1. Jinxy245, Cryptowolf, zottel and 5 others like this.
      2. Qildail
        Never been much for camping, but I love the quiet isolation of evenings in the desert. I need to get back there.
        May 24, 2023
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      3. scblock
        It was super quiet way out 20 miles from any civilization when we had the equipment off. And so many stars. I saw a Starlink train last night.
        May 24, 2023
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      4. JK47
        Hope you didn’t have the iem’s in while riding
        May 25, 2023
    18. scblock
      Recording a new mix tonight. Goes in real time and I like to monitor, so it’s a good thing this is a good one. On the third copy now.
    19. scblock
      There's seriously a new Jethro Tull album in 2023? What a world this is.
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      2. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        I have trouble standing on one leg these days.
        Apr 23, 2023
        Jinxy245 likes this.
      3. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        Iron Maiden is still touring. Imagine that. You can still jump in to headbang to "Die With Your Boots On."
        Apr 23, 2023
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      4. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        Hawkwind? I think they were the first live band I saw. Maybe I could arrange for them to be the last. (edit: Google says yes, they are still playing)

        That honour, as far as rock bands go, is probably going to remain with The Grateful Dead. And that was, iirc, 1991. Oh wait, I saw Osibisa, here in Chennai, a decade or so ago.
        Apr 23, 2023
        Deep Funk likes this.
    20. scblock
      I doubt the "HD speakers" I bought for my Sena headset sound very good, but they're smaller than the originals and so fit in my new helmet.
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