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Mar 22, 2016
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Aug 12, 1979 (Age: 42)
Forensic Accounting

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Failed Engineer

Friend, Male, 42, from Houston

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Last minute decision to join my wife on her work trip to Seattle. We are extending to a week to go hiking. What are the best hikes? May 21, 2022

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May 28, 2022 at 8:10 PM
    1. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      Last minute decision to join my wife on her work trip to Seattle. We are extending to a week to go hiking. What are the best hikes?
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      3. CEE TEE
        CEE TEE
        May 23, 2022 at 11:56 AM
      4. Vansen
        At this time of year in Seattle, you need to carry microspikes and a headlamp at all times. It’s still early, so you need to make sure you read up on trip reports before you go out. Trails are like spiderwebs up here and it’s easy to get lost, so map everything out well in advance.
        May 24, 2022 at 1:12 AM
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      5. Vansen
        Look for popular trails off of i-90 to the east of Seattle if you want to stay close to the city.
        May 24, 2022 at 1:13 AM
    2. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      ZMF Atrium - The ZMF for people that don't like ZMF. This headphone is bonkers. Zach finally made one for the rest of us! Thank you Zach!
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    3. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      Grado HP2/3F sessions lately...incredible! Where is the circumaural equivalent to HP2 30+ years later? Surely someone can do it?!
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    4. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      If anyone wants to split a Qobuz Duo Annual Membership let me know. I'm sick of Tidal's MQA-ification.
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      2. JayC
        I was looking for a few people to split a family membership with, currently got 3. Let me know if you are interested
        Jan 21, 2022
    5. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      These Russian ortho guys are onto something. Picked up both the Kennerton Rognir and Snorry NM-1 recently and damn they are good!
    6. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      Listening to @dBel84 modded HP1000s it's remarkable to think these are 30 years old. They cede very little to the Utopia. Truly great cans.
      1. rhythmdevils
        40 years old ;)
        Apr 5, 2021
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      2. Erroneous
        Serious question. Is there anything @dBel84 can't do? I think we have a LVL99+ Wizard masquerading as a LVL85 Audiophile. This has actually been confirmed many times over.
        Apr 5, 2021
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      3. rhythmdevils
        Serious answer: no
        Apr 6, 2021
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    7. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      The AirPod pros are legitimately good. Very surprised. I use the regular ones for running until they died of sweat and they sucked.
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      2. yotacowboy
        My GF just grabbed a pair, and I concur - only issue for me (and her) was fit. Couldn't get them to sit properly and maintain good seal. Tried out some Azla Sednafit jobby-dooo tips, too.
        Dec 3, 2020
    8. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      Stupid Utopia is the worst "one more song" offender I've ever heard or owned. I'm going to have to throw it in the trash for sleep
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      2. Ksaurav402
        Send it to me instead
        Nov 2, 2020
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      3. ChaChaRealSmooth
        Welcome to synergy. Don't bother calling the dream police.
        Nov 3, 2020
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    9. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      Utopia/3F/Wavelight in the den, watching hockey all day on mute, and rediscovering Lori McKenna's discography while working. Good times!
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      2. JK47
        Like for watching hockey in the deep South.
        Aug 8, 2020
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      3. Failed Engineer
        Failed Engineer
        I grew up in Philadelphia and my parents took me to my share of Flyers games growing up so I brought my hockey fandom to the South! It's pretty remarkable how many hockey fans there are down here, although pretty much all transplants.
        Aug 9, 2020
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    10. Failed Engineer
      Failed Engineer
      When you find gear that aligns with your hearing don't sleep enough
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      2. purr1n
        It's nice to quit gear search and concentrate on music search
        Mar 18, 2020
      3. Failed Engineer
        Failed Engineer
        Yup exactly. Finding alignment can be difficult though, and that also doesn't account for evolving preferences. But when you get there it's great. Hope it's not too fleeting for me this time around
        Mar 18, 2020
      4. atomicbob
        This is the ultimate goal. You are fortunate to have become enlightened and achieved a high match between system performance and your personal preference profile.
        Mar 18, 2020
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    Aug 12, 1979 (Age: 42)
    Forensic Accounting
    Gear List:
    Focal Utopia
    Grado HP1000
    Kennerton Rognir
    Snorry NM-1
    Final D8000 Pro
    Focal Stellia
    Audio-Technica W3000ANV

    ECP Walnut V
    Rockna Wavelight


    ECP DSHA-3F x2
    Headamp GS-1
    Long time Stax owner (SR-007/SR-009 driven by a KGSSHV Carbon) who stumbled upon a listening session with a Utopia a couple months ago which precipitated a re-thinking of what great dynamic headphones do and don't do vs my Stax setup.

    I travel a moderate amount for work and always have had in the back of my mind wanting to travel with my primary headphone and a transportable amp/dac. The Utopia seemed it could do double duty. Then I found out that Doug of ECP was batch producing a Focal optimized DSHA variant and my decision was made.

    I've owned his L-2 and DSHA-1 several years back and his Walnut V DAC currently and have long found him my preferred non-Stax amp and dac designer.

    So I sold all my Stax stuff for the Utopia and inbound DSHA-3F. I also bought a Verite Closed because my wife and I are both home based (when not traveling) and 5 years of subjecting her to the open 007 and 009 made her want to kill me, or worse, divorce me. Life has been much better since I use the VC now when we both are working at home even though I prefer the Utopia. The VC is the first closed headphone I've ever found tolerable aside from the super funky W3000ANV, which I still own and probably will never sell, even though I only listen to it a couple times a year.

    Thanks to the Used Deal thread I also stupidly bought a Stellaris in my town even though I've never listened to a tube amp that I prefer to a solid state in the same performance bracket. I really need to stop browsing that thread.