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Wind and Solar Performance Lead

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Friend, Male, from Denver


Making mixtapes and demoing Yggdrasil LIM on this Sunday morning. Upstream resampling and volume leveling don’t do the music any favors. Nov 28, 2021 at 9:28 AM

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Viewing latest content, Nov 28, 2021 at 7:17 PM
    1. scblock
      It's supposed to be for guests and special occasions, but I poured a bit of the JW Blue Port Ellen anyways. Don't always need a good reason.
      1. GoodEnoughGear
        I approve your strategy of drinking excellent whisky when it's the right time and you can enjoy it properly. Often guests and special occasions can detract from that experience.
        Dec 30, 2020
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    2. scblock
      The vacuum is so loud when I use my record washer that I think it would damage my hearing if I didn't wear earplugs.
    3. scblock
      I'm giving HiFiBerry OS a shot on my desktop streamer. Quick setup, looks prettier than RoPieee, less flexible. We'll see if it sticks.
      1. scblock
        No direct brightness support for the official touchscreen in the interface. I had to do some ssh garbage to drop it from blinding to normal, which isn't ideal.
        Dec 10, 2020
      2. StageOne
        The UI looks good, but too bad it won't work with my Allo DigiOne
        Dec 10, 2020
      3. scblock
        No automatic screen off after idle that I can see, and seemingly no way to turn it off manually (this box is in my bedroom). Not sure whether I want to set up a development environment to poke at this, or just put the other SD card back in.
        Dec 10, 2020
    4. scblock
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      3. Ksaurav402
        They are priced $800+ in India in local currency
        Dec 8, 2020
      4. Dr. Higgs
        Dr. Higgs
        I'll probably end up picking up a pair eventually. I'm curious how well they will seal with that gimbal mechanism. I've had issues getting a good seal at my jawline with any headphones that pivot directly at the top of the cups. If they come out with an Apple TV that supports spatial audio, these would be killer for a home theater setup.
        Dec 8, 2020
      5. Biodegraded
        The case looks like some kind of fetish bra.
        Dec 8, 2020
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    5. scblock
      That crushing disappointment when you open the lyrics in Roon and they are for some other song.
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      2. scblock
        The lyrics for a good chunk of this Sleigh Bells record are wrong. This is frustrating.
        Dec 5, 2020
    6. scblock
      I’m away from home and all my good gear, but a cheap DAP and pair of IEMs is doing a good job. Good music is still good.
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      2. dncnexus
        Whenever I go on business trips I bring along my PortaPros for the hotel. Take a little of the good music with me
        Nov 22, 2020
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      3. robot zombie
        robot zombie
        YES man. I will always have a pair of portapros for that. Maybe not a high-end experience but sometimes you don't need all of that jazz to jam out. If the music is good I'll still listen for hours. Vital for sanity at work.
        Nov 22, 2020
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    7. scblock
      I wonder who I have to thank for these Audio Advisor catalogs that started showing up recently. They sure love Parasound.
      1. Tchoupitoulas, rott and monacelli like this.
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      3. Soups
        I get a good laugh from the fake testimonials next to the even more fake stock photos. Because if they show what audiophiles really look like, those $10K speaker cables aren't going anywhere.
        Oct 28, 2020
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      4. Tchoupitoulas
        Apart from a couple of small gifts purchased for me from Amazon, my wife doesn't go anywhere near audio stuff. But she did treat me to a pair of headphones from Drop a couple of years ago. She's been getting the catalog ever since...
        Oct 28, 2020
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      5. scblock
        Well that’s suspicious isn’t it...
        Oct 28, 2020
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    8. scblock
      The LP I've been waiting for isn't here yet (soon I hope), but another I wasn't expecting so soon arrived, so all's well!
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      2. scblock
        And now the other record showed up. This is great.
        Oct 19, 2020
    9. scblock
      I think I like The Con Demos better than The Con. Sort of how Nebraska is my favorite Springsteen album.
    10. scblock
      Brainwavz B400 IEMs with Comply foam tips fit well under my motorcycle helmet. Decent wind noise reduction, and 4 hours of Tegan and Sara.
      1. Deep Funk and Gazny like this.
      2. Biodegraded
      3. Senorx12562
        Ciems have always been by far the best for me for use under a helmet. Unparalleled comfort and isolation. Once I tried them, never used anything else.
        Sep 12, 2020
    11. scblock
      I have a truly shameful string of adapters hooked up here to get an iematch in between an XLR headphone cable and a noisy high gain amp.
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    12. scblock
      I took the day off and spent most of it listening to records and baking. Made for a pretty nice Friday.
    13. scblock
      I wired up a spare Sennheiser cable for 4-pin XLR balanced tonight. My soldering still sucks, but everything appears to have gone well.
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    14. scblock
      Despite its limited power and bass control, the mids and vocals from my Bottlehead S.E.X. so good through my Vandersteens. I missed this.
      1. dark_energy, monacelli and Gazny like this.
    15. scblock
      I know an idiot who burned himself on his tube amp tonight. He’s me.
      1. E_Schaaf
        I burned myself on some tubes a month ago and there's still some skin discoloration. Well into the second degree with peeling shortly after it happened. Crazy how hot they can get
        Jul 30, 2020
      2. scblock
        The tubes on a Bottlehead S.E.X. are pretty close to the potentiometer, at least after a few drinks.
        Jul 30, 2020
    16. scblock
      Just finished an old-school mix tape, LP to cassette. Swapping 13 records to grab individual tracks takes a lot of time.
      1. JK47, neogeosnk, fraggler and 2 others like this.
      2. Melvillian
        You need two tables and a mixer ;)
        Jul 22, 2020
        JK47 likes this.
    17. scblock
      I can’t seem to stop listening to Tegan and Sara lately. It’s been months, listening almost every day.
      1. Deep Funk likes this.
      2. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        They are catchy.
        Jul 11, 2020
    18. scblock
      I listen to the Bottlehead S.E.X. through these Klipsch 2-ways in my home office more than anything else now. At least it sounds good.
    19. scblock
      I should have grabbed my little Raspberry Pi touchscreen player before I left the office. I could make good use of that Digi+ Pro at home.
      1. wbass likes this.
      2. wbass
        I've been looking for something like that. With a touchscreen. What are/were you using? Or is it DIY? (Thanks.)
        Mar 26, 2020
      3. scblock
        RPI 3 and official touchscreen. SmartPi case. Digi+ Pro. Extension GPIO cable because the case and card IO ports don't play well together. I'm using moOde player. It's not polished.
        Mar 26, 2020
        wbass likes this.
      4. wbass
        Much obliged. I could do with a project like this.
        Mar 26, 2020
    20. scblock
      Since I'm spending most of my time here now I put my old U-Turn orbit at my desk, to the Lyr 3 with the built-in preamp. Sounds alright.
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    Wind and Solar Performance Lead
    Gear List:
    Listening Room
    Schiit Modi Multibit
    Schiit Bifrost Multibit

    CD Player
    Parasound C/DP-1000

    Cassette Player
    Sony TC-WE475

    U-Turn Orbit Plus / Ortofon OM5E
    Schiit Sol / Nagaoka MP-110
    Schiit Mani (later generation)
    U-Turn Pluto (integrated into the table)

    Schiit Saga / Russian Tung Sol 6SN7

    Schiit Vidar

    Vandersteen 2c (sequential serial nos, purchased new in Denver circa 1984, purchased used by me late 2000s)

    Living Room
    Schiit Modi 3
    Schiit Asgard 2
    Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball

    Desktop/Near Field
    Schiit Modius

    Headphone Amps
    Schiit Lyr 3 / Russian Tung Sol 6SN7
    Cavalli Liquid Platinum / Stock Tubes
    Shortest Way SW51+

    Headphone/Speaker Amplifier
    Bottlehead S.E.X. 3.0 w/C4S boards

    Klipsch R-51M

    Portable Players
    iPod 5.5g (retrofitted with 200 GB SD card)
    FiiO M6 (mostly retired)
    FiiO X5 Mk III (mostly retired)
    Sony A50 Series w/MrWalkman Firmware (to replace FiiO M6)
    Sony WM1A (to replace FiiO X5)

    Sennheiser HD650
    Drop/Sennheiser HD58x
    Drop/Beyerdynamic DT 177x Go
    Focal Elegia
    HiFiMan HE-400i
    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition/Premium 600 Ohm
    Drop/Meze M99 Noir
    Sennheiser HD569
    Koss Porta Pro
    Apple Airpods Max

    Brainwavz B400
    Massdrop/Noble X
    Drop/JVC HA-FDX1
    Etymotic ER4XR
    Apple Airpods Pro